The Best of OGA Dota PIT


The Best of OGA Dota PIT

Jerome Valdez

After five thrilling games with Alliance, Nigma concludes OGA Dota PIT S2: Eu/CIS as the champions even without Kuroky. As we await more tournaments, let us take a look at some of the tournament’s best.

Using data from Liquipedia and Dotabuff, I’ve checked some interesting records in the tournament.

Best Heroes

Liquipedia’s hero stats only considered matches before the Grand Finals. Adding data from the Grand Finals, the most successful heroes with at least 10 matches over the 36-match tournament are Rubick, Undying, and Phoenix.

With a 10-3 record and 77% win rate, Rubick became the most successful hero due to his limitless potential in fights. In the early game, he can gank and trade with enemies using his Telekinesis and Fade Bolt. Gh had the most games with Rubick with a 3-1 record. His 3/0/22 in game 2 of the Grand Finals proved how effective a Rubick can be when he steals the right spells at the right time.

He is followed by Undying who has a 70% win rate on 10 games. Alliance and OG used this for a total of 7 matches. However, Alliance’s Fng played this position 5 to secure a 3-1 record in their matches. What made this hero effective is because its ability to disrupt fights. His Tombstone Zombies can interrupt Blink initiations, while his Decay and Soul Rip allows him to tank and sustain in fights the longer it goes. Because of this, teams are forced to focused on either the Tomb or Undying himself if they want to take down the cores.

Lastly is Phoenix with an 8-5 record that yielded a 61% win rate. Alliance again held the record on the hero as they played him twice in the Grand Finals, making their record 3-2 on the hero.  Handsken’s durability and sustain on the Phoenix in the Grand Finals’ game 3 helped Alliance avoid the sweep. In general, Phoenix offers good sustain and harass in lane, while in the late game, his Supernova can single-handedly turn the fights into their favor, especially when played with Faceless Void.

Best records

For the longest match, we have the Lower Bracket Semi-finals Game 2 between OG and FlytoMoon. The match went back and forth, but after 52 minutes and 28 seconds, OG’s creeps finished the match and the series. This very game also holds the highest kill score across the tournament as the bloodbath ended at a 50-43 kill score where MidOne’s ultra fast Sven finished with 22/7/21, while Ceb’s Dark Seer finished with 8/7/33.

On the other hand, the shortest match was game 2 of the Upper Bracket Finals between Alliance and Nigma. The 44-11 kill stomp from Nigma forced Alliance to call gg in 23 minutes and six seconds.

In addition, each of Nigma held their own records. Miracle and W33 tied for the highest average kills across the tournament with 10.5, but Miracle had the best overall KDA with 7.95. Meanwhile, Gh, rmN, and Mind Control had the highest average assists with 22, 20.8, and 19.58, respectively.

The most popular plays

Looking into OGADotaPIT’s twitch channel, here are the most viewed clips of the tournament.

The first one featured Topson’s Monkey King in game 1 of the Lower Bracket Finals of OG vs Alliance. Topson attempted to kill Limmp’s Doom, but Alliance’s supports Teleported just in time. However, his level 3 Jingu Mastery and Double Damage allowed him to turn the gank into a double kill.

Another highlight play from OG and this time its their first game on the tournament against The fight opened with MidOne Spectre’s Haunt followed by a great bait from Notail’s Undying, allowing Saksa Lion to land a two-man stun into Ceb’s Reverse Polarity which allowed Topson to land his Cataclysm combo. To put the cherry on the top, Ceb saved Topson Invoker with the Lotus Orb to Echo Shell the Omnislash, effectively killing the mid Doom.

The third one features another Topson Invoker in game 2 against Topson tried to get one of’s 10-minute bounties, but Magnus committed the RP as their supports followed up. With less than 300 HP, Topson casts a two-man Defeaning Blast that allowed him to live through as he Teleported home.

As we await the next EU/CIS brawl on Omega League on August 10, we just have to look into how we can adapt their own metas and playstyles in 7.27.

Did you enjoy the tournament? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!亚博体育彩票_亚博平台app下载_yabo下载




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